It STARTS with us

Are we having the conversations about what not being excepted in the world means based off the color of our skin or are we complaining. In my own opinion, it seems like we need to have the talk, and come up with a solution. Most black people are raised, where you don’t speak unless spoken to, but then we are contradicted to speak when we enter someone’s homes even if they don’t speak. Never will I condone what happened or why it was okay to put a knee on a person’s throat until they were no longer. The question is  what made this incident different. Why did this one hit home so much? There was another person a few years ago that died the same way and alot of people who were killed and there were no world protest. I do get that people are tired, but breaking into a store will not give you energy. The big corporations that were broken into, I hope you know you made them richer. All they will do is cash in on their insurance policies or the presidential office will send relief. Alot of the rioting had nothing to do with the protest or the fact that an innocent person lost their life. It is sad to think that a person’s skin color can be considered a weapon, like we pushed a button on the way out of our mothers. Understand we have no control of what we were blessed to look like. If you have an issue take that up with GOD. You go to the father with that , not the children. Let’s teach our children that their is a better way. Teach them to make a positive difference and survive.

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