It hurts

Waiting for a Position, that I was qualified to get. Waited a whole month and still didn’t get it. Went to my supervisor as I was told, not thinking that I was talking to the devil. A snake appears and I don’t realize the sign, now why would she betray me, i’m told to read between the lines. If I applied for it, why would you do the same. Why would she betray me, why didn’t I recognize the game. Oh go for it, you should try it, but then all the time, she goes behind my back. As soon as I apply, you apply too, the third time I try, you didn’t know what to do, so guess who applies. YOU!

Fed up

It’s funny how the people that are supposed to love you are the ones who hurt you the most. They never care that you are already stressed out, that they continuously cause you pain and heartache. No it is about them, it is about what they can get out of the deal, how it makes them feel. So how do you cope, you are dealing with people who tell you they have your back, in the end they don’t, they only say that to see what they can get from you. No one cares about you, they think you are a professional victim.