Finding a Job

             Why is finding a job so hard? I mean you apply and apply and nothing. You spend 45 minutes to an hour on one application. Now you may ask how, but if you ever applied for a job, you will find at the end of the process; some have assessments. Then you get a reply notice stating they are reviewing your application. So you believe you have hope. Great for you, but you’re wrong! Just wait, in about 24 hours you will receive one more email stating there was someone more qualified than you and that the employer urges you to keep applying. Ever wonder, “Why won’t people hire me?”. Well that is a great question. Even if you have a degree, graduated at the top of your class and have experience, that doesn’t give you a foot in the door. The noticeable thing on the application is that different companies say they are part of Equal Employment Opportunity, but if you notice somewhere in the application process they ask your race, why is that? Why does it matter, if you are part of Equal Employment Opportunity? My advice is to apply for what you actually want to do and try not to allow people to dictate what you are qualified for.

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